Didn't get the FIG you wanted? Sign up on the wait list starting June 1 at 7 a.m.

Starting June 1 at 7 a.m. (C.D.T), you can put your name on the FIG wait list. Requests will be handled in the order received and based on availability of requested FIGs.

FIG spaces are limited, so placing your name on the wait list does not guarantee your placement in that FIG. Before you put your name on the FIG wait list, please check the FIG list to make sure you meet all eligibility criteria for the FIG(s) you are requesting, including your ALEKs score.

ROAR reopens on June 1 at 7 a.m.!

ROAR is currently closed to match FIG students with classes. On June 1, the online room selection will reopen and remain open through July 21.

If you're still searching for a space or just want to continue searching, head to http://roar.missouri.edu on June 1. You can learn more about how to go through the ROAR process with our ROAR Step-by-Step Guide, which contains tons of screen shots and tips/tricks for getting through ROAR.

Contracts are available to any Mizzou student

Submit your contract for Housing and Dining today!

If you've read up on the process and you're ready to submit, you can go to the contract page, read up on the contract and then click on "Submit a Contract" in the sidebar (top of the page if you're on mobile).

Once you've submitted your contract, head over to the ROAR page to watch the How to ROAR video and download the ROAR Step-by-Step Guide.