Movin' to Mizzou?

If you haven't, head over to the Movin' to Mizzou pages for all the information you need to successfully move to Mizzou. We provide all you'll need to know before, during and after your move in day ... speaking of, do you know YOUR move-in day??

Movin' on out!

It's that time again - for the last time this year! If you have questions about move-out procedures, watch our move-out video!

Contract waiting list

We have reached the maximum number of contracts for incoming freshman for the 2014-15 academic year based on initial projections of the incoming freshman class. However, you can still place your name on our waiting list by logging into the contract page. We will send regular updates to students on the waiting list throughout the summer on the likelihood of receiving housing contracts due to other students cancelling their contracts.