Moving out at the end of the fall 2014 semester?

If you’re moving out of the residence halls at the end of this semester (as in, you’re not coming back for Spring semester), make sure you’ve:

Want to live in the residence halls during the Spring 2015 semester?

If you want to live on campus next semester, just head on over to our Spring Housing page for all the details. You'll be able to submit a preference form (be sure to do this ASAP because it's what we use to determine priority for housing), and then you'll also need to submit a Housing and Dining Contract before the Dec. 15 priority deadline. 

Apartments available for Spring 2015

Our University Student Apartments office is currently accepting applications for Spring 2015. Students who meet the eligibility requirements can APPLY NOW! You must be an enrolled MU student who meets one of the following criteria:

  • Married student
  • Student with children
  • Single graduate student
  • Student over the age of 21

Be sure to apply early and check out our University Student Apartment pages for more information.