Hey you. Yeah, YOU. Read your Tiger Guide!

The Tiger Guide contains all the official rules and regulations for living in the residence halls, and you need to know them so you don't get into trouble! Watch the video for a quick run-through, and then pull up a chair to read through all the details. You got a copy at check-in AND it's all here on the web, too!

Your final checklist for move-in day in the August ResLife Info

Before you load up and head out, make sure you've checked these things off your list ... and get pumped for that FREE t-shirt waiting for you at your res hall!

Movin' to Mizzou?

If you haven't, head over to the Movin' to Mizzou pages for all the information you need to successfully move to Mizzou. We provide all you'll need to know before, during and after your move in day ... speaking of, do you know YOUR move-in day??