Unsure about the bathroom situation in your hall? We'll flush your fears down the drain!
Contracts for incoming students are still available!
ROAR is open!
Talk to your student staff member for more details!
Click on the hall you'd like to see and then click on Hall Video!

It's time to ROAR!

If you've watched the video and read through the ROAR Guide, you're ready to ROAR!

You can log in at roar.missouri.edu starting at 4 p.m. CDT on the day you're eligible. 

Learn How to ROAR, Tigers!

Once you've watched all our other videos and understand the first part of the housing process, you're ready to learn about ROAR. Be sure to catch up if you haven't watched the other videos, yet!

Your MU Housing Process questions answered!

You have questions. We have answers. If the video playlist above doesn't answer them, you can always contact us on Facebook or Twitter or call/email us!

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