ROAR opens for incoming students

ROAR is now open to incoming students. The online room selection will close briefly from May 12 through June 1 to assign FIG classes. ROAR will then reopen June 1 and remain open through July 21.

If you're ready to log in and pick your space or if you just want to continue searching, head to You can learn more about how to go through the ROAR process with our ROAR Step-by-Step Guide, which contains tons of screen shots and tips/tricks for getting through ROAR.

Contracts for Incoming Students are available!

Submit your contract for Housing and Dining today! To learn more about the Housing Process, go to our Housing for Incoming Students Contract page

If you've read up on the process and you're ready to submit, you can go to the contract page, read up on the contract and then click on "Submit a Contract" in the sidebar (top of the page if you're on mobile).

Once you've submitted your contract, head over to the ROAR page to watch the How to ROAR video and download the ROAR Step-by-Step Guide.

Have we got a FIG for you? Check the list and find out!

The 2016 FIG list is up! FIGs are sorted by theme, so just click on the topic you're interested in to expand the list and see what's available. Note that some minor changes may happen between now and April 11, so be sure to come back and double check your choices before then.