University Village

University Village, including the Student Parent Center (SPC), will permanently close by June 30, 2014.

In an effort to provide University Village residents with accurate information, we have developed the following set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as a reference. We anticipate that you will have additional questions and ask that you continue to relay those to us (; 573.875.1133). 

As we get new questions that may apply to multiple residents, we’ll respond with answers as quickly as possible by posting them here.


What do I need to do first?

Complete the Request to Transfer if you want to remain on campus (attached to email sent to UV residents on Tuesday, March 18), or complete a Notice of Intent to Vacate if you plan to move off campus. Please submit either form as soon as possible but no later than March 28. The sooner we receive your information, the faster we can plan to accommodate your request.If you are uncertain, continue researching your options, but keep the March 28 deadline in mind.

Once you’ve confirmed plans to vacate your University Village apartment, here is some helpful information about what to do next. This includes cleaning your apartment and information about check-out inspections.


How will assignments be prioritized?

Assignment of residents requesting a transfer by March 28 will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Families
  2. Date of transfer request for non-family residents

Families returning their response after March 28 will not receive priority over non-family residents who meet the March 28 deadline. All assignments will be based on our ability to meet your preferred unit type. In all instances, if two or more residents complete their Request to Transfer on the same day, the student with the greatest length of residency in USA will receive priority.


When will I know whether you have an apartment for me?

Our ability to make assignments is dependent on notification by residents who intend to leave at the end of the semester or this summer. We will begin making assignments as soon as possible. We will notify you by emailing your university email address as soon as we are able to offer you an assignment. We will also attempt to notify you by telephone but strongly encourage you to check your MU email account daily. You will have three days to respond to our reassignment offer. If you do not reply, the offer will be extended to the next Village resident on the transfer list. If this occurs, your request will be placed on hold, and you will need to notify us if you want to be returned to the transfer list. At that time, you will go to the end of the transfer list.


When will residents be provided details on where and when they will be able to move?

As soon as we understand the preferences and intentions of University Village residents we will begin making assignments. Our intention is to work as quickly as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate your requested move date. We will encourage moves to begin as soon as possible; however, our ability to expedite moves is dependent on your Request to Transfer details and availability of the requested unit type.


Will the University provide moving assistance?

You are eligible for a credit to your student account of up to $150 for moving-related expenses as long as you have completely vacated your Village apartment, completed the checkout process with your Resident Manager, and meet one of the two following criteria:

  • Your current contract extends beyond June 1, 2014, and you will be relocating on or before June 30 to another USA property, or to an apartment within the Columbia area.
  • Your current contract ends June 1, and you completed a Request to Relocate by March 28; you received a new assignment and signed a new contract before the end of your current contract, June 1.

To qualify for this credit you must complete the Moving Expense Summary, sent to you via email on March 26, after you have completed your move. If you did not receive the email or need another copy of the Summary and requirements/procedures for receiving the credit, please contact the University Student Apartments office.


Will I be charged any transfer or cancellation fees?

Village residents will not be subject to any cancellation or transfer fees that would apply under other circumstances. We also intend to reimburse Village residents who transfer utilities to another USA property for the associated city-imposed fees. After you move, bring your first utility bill by our office or send us a scanned copy, and we will credit your student account in the amount of the $5.00 utility transfer fee required by the City of Columbia.


I've signed a renewal contract. Will you honor my Village rate at a new USA assignment?

Village residents will be released from their current contracts without penalty, but we will not be able to extend the Village rental rates to your new USA assignment.


How can I get help locating an apartment off campus?

Dionne George coordinates Off-Campus Student Services, which is part of Student Affairs. She has identified a variety of suitable locations in Columbia with varying price ranges and amenities. Click on this link to schedule a free appointment with Dionne in her office


My current contract doesn’t end until after June 30 and/or I will be graduating in late July, will I be required to relocate?

We have been directed to close the complex by June 30. Please let us know how this date will impact you.


Will University Village residents have priority over new applicants to USA?

Absolutely! We are not accepting new USA applications at this time. In fact, we have removed the application from our website.


Will standard cleaning and damage charges apply when I vacate my apartment?

Some of your neighbors will remain in Village through June 30,so we must maintain standards for pest control and cleanliness. Upon departure, residents will need to ensure that all appliances are free of grease and are clean to the touch. LRE Modems and cords must be accounted for on your check out with your resident manager, as they will be used elsewhere. Appliances must be in good working order, as they will be reused elsewhere. Floors need to be swept with a broom. Any and all trash must be removed. Lastly, you will still need to arrange a formal checkout with a resident manager and return all keys and parking permits to avoid charges. These reduced checkout expectations must be met to avoid the assessment of appropriate charges.


I chose the Village because of proximity to my academic department. Will you absorb parking and/or my transportation costs?

Unfortunately, Residential Life can only provide parking for residents at their assigned location. You may apply for an additional parking pass through Parking and Transportation Services who is responsible for all parking on campus. If you are granted an additional parking pass, you will be responsible for the associated monthly costs.


What are the rental rates for the other three USA properties?

The rental rates for all USA locations, effective July 1, 2014, are available here.


What are the advantages of the other USA locations?

University Heights and Manor House are immediately adjacent to campus. Tara is adjacent to the eastern part of MU’s campus but also offers easy access to the free Tiger Line bus serving campus and beyond. Additionally, Tara is part of the campus internet system and offers higher speed internet hardwired access. Residents are allowed to purchase and use wireless routers at each location; however it is the responsibility of the residents to maintain this personal equipment. Tara and Heights also have green space and playground equipment. Manor House does not.


What are the ages of the other three USA locations?

  • University Heights – 1959
  • Manor House – 1963
  • Tara – 1982-1984


I selected the Village given the proximity to daycare. What option of proximity to daycare will I have?

Residential Life does not operate the Student Parent Center. The Chancellor has indicated that discussions regarding the Student Parent Center or other daycare options are ongoing.


What is the long term plan for University Village?

The long-term plan for the University Village site is being discussed by MU Administration.