Your Housing and Dining Contract

The Housing and Dining Contract is a legal contract between you and the University of Missouri for housing through Residential Life and dining through Campus Dining Services. The typical academic-year contract provides the student with assurance that the University will provide room and board for the academic year (fall and spring semesters). Housing and dining contracts are also available for spring and summer housing.


1125 (First-time College Student)
111 (Transfer)

Incoming Students:

The contract, among other things, also means that the student agrees to abide by Residential Life Rules and Regulations. A booklet of the Rules and Regulations is provided to each student when they move into a residence hall. If you did not receive one, you can view the Rules and Regulations on the website or request a copy from Residential Life.

After you've read the information here, click on the "Submit a Contract" link in the menu to the left (or at the top of the page on your mobile device) to submit a Housing and Dining Contract.

Rates and other information (including the residence hall opening and closing dates!) are available in the Housing and Dining Contract. You can:


Cancelling Your 2016-17 Contract

If you decide later that you aren’t going to live in the halls, you can cancel your contract by contacting Residential Life at’ll want to cancel by May 1 to avoid any cancellation fees. The full cancellation schedule for 2016-17 is below and also available in your Housing and Dining Contract:

  • Written request received by May 1 has no cancellation fee
  • Written request received May 2 - 31 has a $125 cancellation fee
  • Written request received June 1 - July 15 has a $225 cancellation fee
  • Written request received July 16 - Aug. 16 has a $325 cancellation fee
  • Written request received Aug. 17 - 22 has a $325 cancellation fee PLUS daily room rate, board and social fee charges through the official check-out or cancellation date
  • Written request received Aug. 23 and after has daily room, board, and social charges PLUS 40 PERCENT OF THE REMAINING CONTRACTED CHARGES for the rest of the academic year.

Take note of the charges that go into effect on Aug. 23 (40% of your room and board charge for the whole year!!), and be sure to contact us before that date if you are cancelling your contract!