Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs)

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You can also see descriptions of the 2016 FIGs in our Big Book of FIGs.

Below, you will see an example of how FIGs might be located on a couple of floors in a specific hall and nested within a larger TLC (or more rarely, in a GLC). See the residence hall pages for more information.

FIGs in the example hall are located on floors 3-5 and nested within the larger, related TLC. This is just one example of how a floor might be divided!


  • Are a collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences and Residential Life. Students participating in this academic program take classes together and live in the same community in order to enhance the immersion in the academic process.
  • Are composed of 15 to 20 first-year students and a peer advisor, with rooms assigned close together on the same floor or adjacent floors;
  • Are thematically focused on one specific major, academic interest or common learning theme;
  • Require that students take several general education classes together based on the FIG theme;
  • Require a one-credit-hour FIG Seminar class instructed by the Peer Advisor (PA) and Academic Co-Facilitator (faculty and staff);
  • Require a genuine interest in the academic theme of the FIG and are not appropriate to choose based on hall amenities or just to obtain a space;
  • Provide structure to balance academic and social commitments;
  • Have group learning assignments and activities;
  • Might have restrictions for admittance or require specific scores on the ALEKS math placement exam or both;
  • Require that requested roommates are also enrolled in the FIG and must also meet specific ALEKS scores and restrictions;
  • Are nested within a Thematic or General Learning Community.

FIGs make up 30% of all spaces in the residence halls. They require a genuine interest in the FIG topic, so don't pick them just to "get a room." If you have a Housing and Dining Contract, you'll have a space with us!!


FIG students in a lecture hall

FIG students spend a lot of time in class learning from each other. General education classes shared by FIG students can be large lecture classes, so you won't be limited to JUST your FIG friends - but it's handy to have a roommate heading to the same class as you!

Students in FIGs often get more of an opportunity to interact with professors, upper level students and people in the community who share their passions. 


Questions about FIGs

For more information contact:
FIGs/TRIGs Office