College Avenue Hall

College Avenue exterior photo

College Avenue Hall is a newly constructed hall that opened in August 2006. In addition to suite-style living, this hall offers multiple FIG and Learning Community options for those interested in enhancing their living and learning experience. Students often congregate in the open and inviting lounge spaces and have affectionately named the main lounge of the building the "aquarium" due to the wrap-around windows that flood the area with light.

The hall is adjacent to Hatch and Schurz halls and close to computing, lounge and study spaces in Bingham Hall. Bingham also boasts Campus Dining Services' popular Baja Grill - a take out location focusing on Southwest and Caribbean cuisine. A short jog across College Avenue bridge takes students to Plaza 900 - a full-service all-you-care-to-eat and take-out dining location. Check out the links for more information on FIG/LC options, amenities, location and more!

The first two floors of College Avenue will also be home to a new Social Justice Thematic Learning Community for the 2015-16 academic year. Students living in the Social Justice TLC forge relationships by engaging in meaningful dialogue with peers and faculty and exploring historic and contemporary social justice topics through the framework of MU’s values: Respect, Excellence, Discovery and Responsibility. Residents are encouraged to become active participants through self-reflection, ally-building, civic engagement, and to connect social justice conversation to their academic experience. The first floor of the community also provides a gender-neutral housing option. Students who wish to live on the gender-neutral first floor must first submit an agreement.

Communities In This Hall (Academic Year 2014-2015)

Floor 5

FIG: 005 Political Science and Economics, 10 M 10 F
FIG: 006 Politics and the Law, 10 M 10 F
TLC: Law & Society, 10 M 26 F

Floor 4

FIG: 003 Journalism and Communication, 8 M 12 F
FIG: 004 Media for the Future, 8 M 12 F
TLC: Journalism & Communication, 14 M 21 F

Floor 3

FIG: 001 Exploring Journalism, 8 M 12 F
FIG: 002 Exploring Journalism, 8 M 12 F
TLC: Journalism & Communication, 14 M 22 F

Floor 2

College Avenue GLC: 29 M 46 F

Floor 1

College Avenue GLC: 8 M 8 F

Community descriptions for College Avenue Hall

Journalism & Communication TLC
J&C explores students’ passion for communicating through mass media, organizations, politics & relationships. J&C prepares students for various professional experiences in news, public relations, and advertising and convergence media.
Law & Society TLC
If you find it exciting to discuss legal issues politics and current events this is the community for you. You will have the opportunity to study discuss career goals and prepare for the future with others who share your passion for the here and now.
College Avenue GLC
You’ll share your experiences and learn from your peers while focusing on MU's four core values. Residents from diverse backgrounds motivate each other academically while building friendships and developing social justice and leadership skills.

*Please note: These numbers provide a general picture of how space is divided up in a hall. They show the available spaces on a floor for ALL students, both incoming and current, and do NOT reflect whether a space is open or filled. All data is subject to change.