Hudson Hall

Exterior photo of Hudson Hall

Hudson Hall was renovated and then reopened in 2010 to house 420 male and female residents in traditional-style rooms. Several FIG and Learning Community options are available in this bustling community of highly involved students. The hall is actively building traditions and daily creating opportunities for students to get involved academically and socially on campus.

Hudson is part of the Rollins Group and shares common space with Gillett Hall in adjacent Rollins Hall. Rollins Hall houses the main information desk, student mailboxes, main lounge, study/meeting areas, and computing space for both Hudson and Gillett. The group of bulidings is near the College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences Center and a short walk from the MU Student Center. Rollins Dining, operated by Campus Dining Services, is a favorite spot to dine and includes the Rollins Late Night take-out option. Other dining options, such as Sabai (a take-out location featuring Asian cuisine) and Plaza 900, are a short walk away. Check out the links for more information on FIG/LC options, amenities, location and more!


Communities in this Hall

For more information on the communities available in Hudson Hall, visit our Learning Communities and FIGs page.

Floor 7

FIG: 063 Natural Resources, 10 M 10 F
FIG: 064 Meteorology: Storm Chasers , 12 M 8 F
TLC: Natural Resources TLC, 16 M 0 F

Floor 6

Hudson GLC: 19 M 38 F

Floor 5

TLC: Sustainable Living TLC, 19 M 37 F

Floor 4

FIG: 061 Engineering: Sustainable Energy, 14 M 6 F
FIG: 062 Astronomy: Discovering Space, 14 M 6 F
TLC: Engineering TLC, 10 M 6 F

Floor 3

FIG: 059 Engineering I , 14 M 4 F
FIG: 060 Engineering J, 16 M 4 F
TLC: Engineering TLC, 8 M 10 F

Floor 2

FIG: 057 Engineering H , 14 M 4 F
FIG: 058 Women in the STEM Fields, 0 M 14 F
TLC: Engineering TLC, 23 M 1 F

Floor 1

FIG: 055 Engineering F , 16 M 4 F
FIG: 056 Engineering G , 14 M 4 F
TLC: Engineering TLC, 8 M 10 F

Community descriptions for Hudson Hall

Engineering TLC
Engineering Community members enjoy a vibrant atmosphere of students dedicated to the College of Engineering and has the benefit of tutoring and study groups.
Natural Resources TLC
Enjoy learning about the natural world, whether that be by exploring how a cave is created how tornados form or preserving biodiversity. Explore local forests parks & gardens network with professionals & learn more about career opportunities.
Sustainable Living TLC
This community encourages students of all majors to consciously expand their awareness and apply their knowledge of sustainability through environmental responsibility and advocacy.
Hudson GLC
This community focuses not on one single area of academics, but rather on the broad range of interests that our residents have. Students are from all class levels and backgrounds and will work on getting students involved and building traditions.

*Please note: These numbers provide a general picture of how space is divided up in a hall. They show the available spaces on a floor for ALL students, both incoming and current, and do NOT reflect whether a space is open or filled. All data is subject to change.



For general questions or hall information, please contact the Hudson Hall Front Desk at 573-882-6714.

Hall Coordinator:

Dennis Scott
(573) 882-9390

Area Administrative Supervisor:

Crystal Elliott
(573) 884-7287

Area Coordinator:

Tyler Page
(573) 882-0244


Amenities & Technology

  • Renovated in 2010
  • Coed
  • Community-style Double and Single Rooms
  • Electronic Locks
  • Central Air
  • Height-adjustable loft beds
  • Accessible
  • Kitchen in Hall
  • Laundry in Hall
  • Computing Site in Hall
  • Telephone Service*
  • Long-Distance Service*
  • Cable TV
  • High-Speed Ethernet Connection
  • Wireless Access
  • Printer for Hall Use

*Available at an additional cost



1202 Rollins St. Columbia, MO 65201

Your Mailing Address

First and last name
Hudson Hall
1202 E Rollins St. Rm. [Your room number] 
Columbia, MO 65201

For directions and general hall information, contact the Hudson Hall Front Desk.


Hall Video

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Room Layouts

Click to view a print-friendly room layout that includes room dimensions and a list of what we provide in this residence hall room. For a printable list of what to bring with you on move-in day, check out the Move-in Checklist. Be sure to talk over items designated with an "R" with your roommate before you buy anything!

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