Thematic Learning Communities (TLCs)

Below, you will see an example of how a TLC might be located on a couple of floors in a specific hall. Other halls are entirely made up of TLCs. See the residence hall pages for more information.

Thematic Learning Community graphic. Floors 3-5 of the example hall have TLCs and also contain FIGs. They are 50/50 TLC and FIG spaces. The other two floors are GLCs.

  • consist of 21 TLCs located on specific floors of 16 different halls. Some popular TLCs, such as engineering and journalism, are located in multiple halls;
  • Focus on one specific major, academic interest or common learning theme;
  • May have specific eligibility criteria (for Honors and ROTC - requested roommates must also be eligible);
  • Provide some structure, which may help balance academic and social commitments;
  • Provide group learning assignments and activities;
  • Offer study group opportunities;
  • Many FIGs are nested within related TLCs, but you won’t be in a FIG unless you sign up for one;
  • May have a few sophomores, juniors and seniors throughout the TLC.

TLCs make up 41% of all spaces in the residence halls. They are great for students who want a little bit of direction when helping to create their community. TLCs, just like GLCs, need motivated self-starters who are interested in investing the work into making the community their own.


2016-17 Thematic Learning Communities

CAFNR TLC - Schurz Hall

At Mizzou, the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (CAFNR) offers various degrees in things such as Animal Science, Biochemistry, Plant Science, Agriculture Education and Food Science. In this community, you can learn more about various programs, such as study abroad, graduate studies, veterinarian medicine, and undergraduate research opportunities that are related to your area of study, and discover what draws students and faculty to CAFNR's exciting fields. Students will be actively encouraged to join study groups, interact with faculty and staff members, and get involved in CAFNR-specific activities. CAFNR means: excellence, innovative thinking, inspirational impact, and personal connections!

Carver Community for Sciences & Mathematics TLC - Gateway Hall

Do you love math and science and want to know what careers are out there to explore? In the Carver community, you will learn more about professions utilizing math and science and will meet people who can help you excel in your chosen field through faculty visits, tutoring and study groups. Visit the Gateway Hall page to read about the unique amenities offered by our newest res hall.

Culture & Society TLC - Defoe-Graham Hall

Understanding other societies and striving for social change are important issues to students in this community. Surround yourself with active, open-minded students and learn various ways to improve our society. This community enjoys discussion about culture and allows residents a chance to be active in social change.

Education TLC - Mark Twain Hall

The Education Community strives to promote personal and academic success. We do this through the sharing of personal experiences and education through purposeful programming. We work cohesively with the College of Education to provide a holistic perspective of modern education.

Engineering TLC - Hudson & Gillett halls

Engineering Community members enjoy a vibrant atmosphere of students dedicated to the College of Engineering and has the benefit of tutoring and study groups. Residents will have the opportunity to explore engineering activities, organizations, and resources.

EVA Success TLC - Johnston Hall

The women of EVA Success focus on Excellence, Vision and Achievement as community goals. We believe in building community with other women while promoting the concept of women teaching women. In EVA Success, you can find others who strive for empowerment and are driven to succeed and overcome the challenges women face today. 

Fine Arts Residential Community (FARC) TLC - McDavid Hall

This community is filled with students who live for anything related to the arts — whether visual, musical, literary or performance. This community provides practice rooms, opportunities to create literary publications, venues to share your creations and much more. FARC allows the artist in you to thrive.

Four Winds TLC - Dogwood Hall

This wellness-driven community is for students who are motivated to improve the lives of others. Whether helping a patient walk again through physical therapy or helping someone communicate effectively through speech therapy, you will focus on helping others by participating in community service and personal wellness opportunities.

Honors Learning Community TLC - Schurz Hall

Residents of HLC are all members of the MU Honors College and have a variety of professional and academic aspirations from pre-med to journalism. In this community, students can form study groups and stay motivated to obtain their academic goals by living with students who are supportive and hold the same values.

Journalism & Communication (J&C) TLC - College Avenue, Hatch & Mark Twain halls

J&C residents have a passion for communicating with the public. They desire to affect the way information is disseminated and want to learn more about the principles and techniques of journalism to help them become ethical and productive citizens. Residents of this community find support from other students while preparing for careers in news, public relations, advertising and convergence media.

Law & Society TLC - College Avenue Hall

If you find it exciting to discuss legal issues, politics and current events, this is the community for you. You will be with other residents who share your passion and have the opportunity to study with them, discuss career goals and prepare for the future.

Leadership in Sports TLC - South Hall

A new community for 2016-17! This community provides students who have an interest in sports-related majors and a passion for sports the opportunity to live and work together to enrich their academic and personal lives. The community is designed to develop academic and professional skills through coursework, experiential learning opportunities at Mizzou, and community engagement activities that will lead to a career in sports. Members will network with faculty, sports professionals and alumni who work in this fast-paced and competitive profession.

Natural Resources TLC - Hudson Hall

Residents of this community enjoy learning about the natural world, whether that be by exploring how a cave is created, how tornados form or preserving biodiversity. This community provides several opportunities to explore local forests, parks, and gardens, network with Natural Resources professionals, and learn more about career opportunities.

Nursing TLC - Galena Hall

Nursing Community residents have the desire to do well academically and contribute to society. They are focused and dedicated to their program but also enjoy spending time with each other and being involved on campus.

Pangaea TLC - Defoe-Graham Hall

Pangaea students are interested in world cultures, languages and people. Residents of this community focus on the lifestyles of other cultures, which is great preparation if you plan to study abroad. To emphasize this community focus, students in Pangaea generally share a room with an international student.

Pathways: Career & Major Exploration TLC - Hatch Hall

The Pathways community provides several advantages for students exploring major and career options at MU. Participants learn about themselves and utilize that knowledge to determine which professional and academic paths will provide them with ample opportunities for personal growth. Students explore their values and aspirations and discover the majors and career options that fit their attributes. This community has strong ties to MU's Career Center and academic advisors.

ROTC Leadership TLC - Gillett Hall

Are you looking to be a military leader in the future? Do you want to work on your fitness and learn about the different branches of the United States Military? If so, ROTC Leadership is the community for you. In this community you will live with other men and women who are dedicated to the same military values you hold and will support you in both your academic pursuits as well as your ROTC responsibilities. Live here and get to know more about your country and the men and women who serve it.

Service and Leadership TLC - Responsibility Hall

We are people-oriented, service-minded and academically focused students with an expectation of service to others as we explore what it means to live sustainably in our community. We are guided by Wakonse (Wa-Con-Z), the Lakota Indian word meaning "to inspire" or "to teach." We surround ourselves with students who are dedicated to service and seeking leadership opportunities. In Wakonse, you will find the support you need to develop your own leadership, talents and academic success.

Social Justice TLC - College Avenue Hall

Students living in the Social Justice Thematic Learning Community forge relationships by engaging in meaningful dialogue with peers and faculty and exploring historic and contemporary social justice topics through the framework of MU’s values: Respect, Excellence, Discovery and Responsibility. Residents are encouraged to become active participants through self-reflection, ally-building, civic engagement, and to connect social justice conversation to their academic experience. The first floor of the community also provides a gender-neutral housing option. Students who wish to live on the gender-neutral first floor must first submit an agreement

Sustainable Living TLC - Hudson Hall

This community encourages students of all majors to consciously expand their awareness and apply their knowledge of sustainability through environmental responsibility and advocacy. Working alongside campus partners in both structured and informal methods, students will explore the tools and practices needed to impact social, economic, political, and scientific issues affecting our campus, local and global environments. Additionally, the community aims to foster a strong sense of community in which residents feel comfortable connecting with and encouraging peers to consider a more conscious lifestyle.

World of Business TLC - Brooks & North halls

Whether you want to own your own business, advertise products or work your way up to be the CEO of a major company, you can find what you are looking for in this community. World of Business works collaboratively with the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business to provide many outlets for your interests and give you a head start in your involvement in the business school through the Professional Development Program, Cornell Leadership program, Marketing Forum and business fraternities Alpha Kappa Psi and Delta Sigma Pi. Live in WoB to get to know other students who share the same passion for this field and discover unique career opportunities.